about us

The peer review experience can be extremely tough. Most of us can probably remember a time when a reviewer was needlessly condescending, dismissive, or downright nasty. Unfortunately, negative review experiences can lead many of us to question the value of our ideas, our work, and our belongingness in academia. This is true for most of us, but doubly true for some of us.

Unprofessional peer reviews disproportionately harm scholars from underrepresented minoritized (URM) groups. This is just one of many barriers to entry, participation, and inclusion in academia that URM scholars face. We want to change this.

Our vision is to reimagine peer review to grow a diverse new generation of scientists. Focusing on scholars in psychology, neuroscience, and the cognitive sciences, we will:

  • Support early-career URM scholars. Before submitting their work to a journal or funding body, URM scholars can submit their work to Reviewer Zero. Our trained network of reviewers will provide rapid feedback that reinforces the strengths of the work, anticipates critical feedback that may arise in the review process, and builds resilience by providing strategies for dealing with that feedback.

  • Create a community of reviewers. We will cultivate a community of highly motivated reviewers who are trained to provide useful, constructive, and rapid feedback to a diverse group of early-career scholars.

  • Transform peer review. Reviewer Zero can serve as a model for transparent, supportive, and constructive peer review, changing the culture of peer review by setting a positive example.

We are currently in an exploratory planning stage of this project. If you'd like to get involved, find out more here.


You can contact us at admin@reviewerzero.net